How to Get Involved in Animal Related Causes

There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving back to causes that are important to you. Here are some ways that you can get involved in animal-related causes.

Volunteer at a shelter

This is one of the most popular choices for people who are looking to volunteer with animals. Local shelters are always in need of more volunteers to help spend time with rescues. Responsibilities generally include walking, feeding, and cleaning. Some organizations also need people who can help with finding foster homes and adopters. Be warned, you might fall in love with a dog and become their foster or even a new home!

Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary

Very similar to volunteering at a shelter, but with more exotic animals. Sanctuaries focus on wildlife as opposed to pets. This option is great for someone who is really interested in conservation, nature, and different local species.

Register your dog as a therapy dog

As much as we love our dogs, not all may be qualified to be a therapy dog. If you do have a calm, well-behaved dog, you can look into getting them registered as a therapy dog. Once registered, you can become involved in visitation programs. You and your dog can visit universities during exams, retirement homes, children’s hospitals, and anywhere else that may need the de-stressing powers of your furry friend.

Run a fundraiser with your own skills

Is there is a certain organization that you hold dear to your heart? Perhaps a certain shelter or service dog program, these charities are always in need of funds. You can run a fundraiser at work, or through your social media platform. You can sell baked goods, art, crafts, anything that you would enjoy doing!

Good luck with making a difference!